Manual – Tammar v4.8

CONTENTS Introduction Serial Numbers Warranty Service History STEP 1: Rim Tape STEP 2: Tyres STEP 3: Cassette & Gears STEP 4: Brakes Install STEP 5: Quick Release & Axles Rider Weight Limits Final checklist before you ride Maintenance & Servicing Impact Damage Keeping Things Straight Spoke Tensions Service Schedule Service Log Book     G’DAY [...]


Servicing & Specifications

INTRODUCTION TAMMAR - SERVICE SHEET & SPECIFICATIONS As part of Bouwmeester Composites quality control process for all built wheels we recommend the following service intervals and specifications are followed. There is an additional service sheet on the last page in the owners manual which can be a good reference for your customer and you can [...]


Rim Tape Installation

INSTALL - RIM TAPE & VALVES You will require about 10-15min per rim to complete the tape installation. If you have any questions contact us direct. Bouwmeester rims are different compared to conventional rims, so require a different taping system. For stress free tyre mounting and tubeless sealing follow these steps.   TOOLS REQUIRED Knife [...]


Build Protocol

INTRODUCTION - TAMMAR - CUSTOM, CRASH REPLACEMENT & WARRANTY BUILD As part of Bouwmeester Composites quality control process all built wheels must follow the build protocol and specifications must be strictly adhered to. This document is designed for an experienced wheel builder who has a sound knowledge of wheel building and is fully trained as a [...]


Decal Placement

INTRODUCTION: TAMMAR - NEW or REPLACEMENT DECALS Please follow the below step to ensure correct placement of decals on your wheels. This document also has some handy tips for application.   TOOLS REQUIRED Heat gun or hair dryer - For removing old decal Prepsol or Isocol- For cleaning rim surface Cleaning Rags     Instructions 1/ Using [...]


Spoke Lengths

Tammar 27.5" rim ERD - 574mm Recomended nipple - DT Swiss 12mm alloy head with 45° head chamfer (most common) FRONT DT Swiss 240 IS Oversized - Non-Drive Side 278mm, Drive side 280mm DT Swiss 240 Boost IS - Non-Drive Side 278mm, Drive side 283mm DT Swiss 240 Boost C/lock - Non-Drive Side 280mm, Drive side 282mm [...]


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