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Crafted by hand. Built with experience. Ridden for life.

The mastery of composites is our story; carbon products that are designed and manufactured from experience. We specialize in the design and optimization of advanced composites; from research, testing and evaluation, to material science, technology and manufacturing process application. It is our years of experience, attention to detail and innovation that help us deliver the best design solution.  Bouwmeester meaning Master Built.

Freedom to think. Freedom to Explore.

Freedom to think, freedom to explore. We are fortunate to have been on the forefront of design in composites since 2008. Each Bouwmeester rim is handmade, from layup to the finished built wheel in our Adelaide, Australia workshop. Thinking outside the square is a mindset and we do things our own way; we don’t compromise. With other collaborations and design pursuits Bouwmeester has been closed for business since 2017.

Pioneering Technology

Bouwmeester was the first to market with their solid carbon profile mountain bike rim in Dec 2014. This pioneered new technology to provide more radial and lateral compliance with the rim design to offer improved ride characteristics and handling through increased dampening.

Award Winning

Bouwmeester’s design and manufacturing process has received multiple awards for its excellence and advanced manufacturing technology. The optimized solid composite laminate also offered increased gains in impact strength.

Passion for 2 Wheels

Cycling is an adventure without limits. It is a continuing evolution of riding adventures, racing and personal bests. Bouwmeester’s journey is the same; We don’t put limits on design potential and this enables you ride without limits, today, tomorrow and into the future.

Mello Bouwmeester – Engineer

“Pushing boundaries on two wheels and in the products I develop is my passion. I live it and breathe it; From a young age I’ve always designed and made things, it’s a mindset hard to escape.”



Founder and senior engineer Mello Bouwmeester was also the lead engineer and drive behind the highly acclaimed Crankbrothers Synthesis range. With other collaborations and design pursuits Bouwmeester has been closed for business since 2017.

Our Work

Mastery - The devil is in the detail.

Mastery takes time, dedication, passion and vision. With our rims and composite parts this mastery is a constant refinement driven by R&D and underpinned with years of composites experience. We explore the new and refine the old. This is the evolution of rim design; constant refinement to master our craft and deliver you the best built wheel. Mastery of making a rim all started in our facility in Adelaide, Australia. This is the birthplace of all our manufacturing, carbon & material science optimization. This is where our obsession of the small details starts. This facility gives us the edge to design, ride and refine performance leading composite bicycle parts.

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News & Stories

Stories past and present; Read about our advanced composites manufacturing, reviews and racing news.

Descending on EWS Derby

With both guys coming off podiums in local races EWS Derby was an awesome way to kick off the international racing calendar and descend on Tasmania........
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Revolution Magazine: Handmade in Adelaide

Revolution Magazine visit Bouwmeester Composites and talk with founder and senoir engineer Mello Bouwmeester...
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2015 Manufacturing Awards

Bouwmeester Composites is proud to announce it was nominated as a finalist in the 2015 Endeavour Manufacturing awards.........
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Bouwmeester Racing #1

Toowoobma, Queensland took centre stage for the final of the 2016 Australian Gravity Enduro Series and Enduro World Series qualifier...
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Australian Mountain Bike: Feature Story

Australian Mountain Bike magazine visit Bouwmeester Composites and talk with Mello Bouwmeester about carbon and all things R&D...
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Review: Tammar Wheels put to the Test

Want the lowdown on how our solid carbon rims handle out on the trails...
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Synthesis; Tuned Carbon Wheel System

Crankbrothers Synthesis is the culmination of work from Crankbrothers and Mello Bouwmeester. This is the first project delivered as part of Mello Bouwmeester’s work......
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The partnership – Crankbrothers & Mello Bouwmeester

Selle Royal Group has announced the addition of carbon composites expert Mello Bouwmeester to their Utah based research and development facility for Crankbrothers….
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Project Build

Recently we had some fun with a project Santa Cruz Bronson build for a Bouwmeester photo shoot...
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Bouwmeester Racing: 3 in top 10

The second round of the 2016 Australian Enduro series was held on our home turf of Adelaide. Freshly rained on trails at Fox Creek meant riders were stoked...
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Bouwmeester Wins Sustainable Technology Award 2015

Bouwmeester Composites is proud to announce we have been awarded the 2015 Sustainable Technology Award....
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Bouwmeester 2016 National Champion

In one of Australia's toughest races the 2016 Gravity Enduro Championships through everything at the riders, and our boy Sam Walsh came out on top!
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2014 Bouwmeester Racing #1

Dave West has taken out the 2014 South Australian Gravity Enduro Series in convincing fashion. Dave had an awesome season hitting it out in a close fought battle.....
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Bouwmeester is permanently closed and not active in any new business.


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