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When we talk about carbon we like to keep it real for the customer. Carbon lay-up is not a black magic, but you need expertise and a thorough process of R&D testing to develop products. In testing, our process reviewed more than 50 lay-up variations and performed a series of impact, stress and fatigue tests alongside field testing with athletes. What this enables us to do is refine our lay-up to suit the three different characteristics needed for optimising a rim in carbon.

Impact performance – stand the impacts and carnage dished out by aggressive riding and trails.

Global rim stiffness and strength – total stiffness of the rim; torsional, lateral and compressive.

Localised compliance – having enough compliance to allow the rim to flow with the track and bumps, rather than be ridged like a bigger box section carbon rim. Better traction means faster riding.

The Tammar v4.8 rim now has a fully optimised modulas lay-up. Basically this means we use a mixture of different fibres in the rim to meet the specific load or performance requirements within the profile. We then further enhance this lay-up with specific front and rear wheels to increase specific performance attributes.

This level of refinement in manufacturing means the Tammar v4.8 takes more time compared to standard rims, but the performance gains are worth it. This provides amazing grip, wheel tracking and ride quality with incredible impact resistance for durability.