After two years of R&D, a lot of coffee, late nights and awesome field testing days with the BC team, our project was complete. A clichéd term, but for this rim we did go back to the drawing board; we wanted to make the perfect rim.

We had to not only design a rim that was the best in performance, but also develop an advanced production process that was low in energy consumption and was to be made in Australia.

To optimise the perfect rim, we were guided by the following design considerations;

Tyre Performance – Wide platform rim and hookless bead to correctly support tyre profile for handling and performance.

Riding Characteristics – The optimum balance of torsional stiffness and global wheel stiffness need to be met to offer the perfect performance. Our rim design profile can absorb impact energy and improve tracking and tyre traction. Better traction means faster riding.

Durability – A balance between weight and durability need to be met. While BC has the capacity to make lighter rims, this is not a viable option for the everyday racer and rider. We understand the customer’s need for a durable product that stands the test of time out on the trails. Our impact testing program has shown that optimised carbon design can be superior in impact durability.

Green and sustainable manufacturing – All these design elements need to be tied into a low energy consumption production process. We only have one planet and we feel the need to be responsible to care for its future.

- What BC developed was the first wide platform solid profile carbon rim in a hookless bead format. All this is done with a low energy consumption manufacturing process, Captive Energy Processing (CEP) learn more.

Why do other manufacturers not make front and rear rims different? As this is complicated and labour intensive.

Front and rear wheels are put through different loads and need different properties. Front wheels require better steering and tracking, the rear better performing under load, power and impact damage tolerance. Our rims break the norm – we have developed specific carbon lay-up for front and rear rims.

What does this mean for you the rider? You have a rim that will track the bumps better, roll on the trails quicker and deliver efficient power transfer through a globally stiff rim. It will withstand the rigours of aggressive riding and outperform any other alloy or carbon rim on the market. These products were made with less impact on our environment, so you and the next generation will have trails to ride in the future.