Unlike all other rims, we have gone the extra step in our rim design to improve the spoke angle and nipple interface. All our nipple mounds are specially machined in our mold tooling to perfectly match the correct spoke angle. This means they have the perfect angle between the hub and rim.

Uniform load is placed on the carbon rim nipple area, resulting in higher and correct spoke tensions. The higher the tolerances of the spoke tensions, the more durable your wheel will be.

Drilling spoke holes is best; using the correct drill bit and having a controlled feed drilling process results in a superior spoke hole. Molded spoke holes deviate the fibres and can cause resin rich areas around the hole, which is the last place you want that sort of imperfection. 

Using our CEP manufacturing process enables us to have higher compaction at the critical area of the nipple face. This process matched with our specific 4-axis drilling has improved the load characteristics for spoke pull. In our lab tests we exceed more double the failure point of any spoke, which is higher than any other carbon rim manufacturer.

For this reason there is no limit on spoke tension with our Tammar rims.