Improved tyre wall support, better grip, wider rim, lower weight, secure tyre mounting…. do you want these benefits in your rim?

Having a hookless bead with a wide rim platform makes perfect sense when you look at the rim and tyre interface and function at a basic level. Bicycle rims didn’t used to have hook beads, they were introduced when people started running higher pressure tyres on road rims. The hooked bead was also used as safety back up as it enabled aluminium rims to be made to lower tolerances.

What do cars and motocycles use? A hookless bead system. Why? It offers better side wall support to the tyre and increased internal rim width resulting in better performance. All these positives, along with UST and Tubeless ready tyres becoming the tyre of choice, make it the logical feature to develop with our BC rims.

Having a hookless bead has enabled BC to develop a 38mm wide rim with an internal rim width of 31.5mm. As illustrated by the images this enables our rim to support the tyre wall and reduce burping through buckling of the side wall. It is also better for pinch flats as it changes the interface of the rim and tyre under impacts.

Our tubeless ready system is awesome; put the tyre on by hand and they will seal and inflate with a hand pump without sealant. Tyres will ‘pop’ up onto the bead platform between 33-37psi and provide the perfect seal.

Is it safe? Yes. We tested our system up to 100psi without the tyre or rim failing. During our field testing with athletes, we didn’t get a single loss of air through burping.