BC is looking into the future – we need to be responsible for how we make things and the energy we use to produce them. In partnership with the specialist composites expertise of Luescher Teknik, BC has developed an Australian, advanced production process that is sustainable and green.

Captive Energy Processing (CEPTM) provides optimised compaction which significantly lowers voids, this combined with the Tammar rim design further improves strength and durability over standard carbon rims. Standard carbon production typically achieves up to 120psi during the cure cycle - we exceed six times that level of compaction pressure using CEP.

BC has developed and refined a process that uses captive energy stored from heat expansion during the cure cycle, to maximize compression of the composite part; optimising compaction and lowering voids. CEP is a highly technical process that uses a range of intricate data acquisition and process control practices to deliver the aerospace level quality. BC believe the extra technology and time spent in the manufacture of the Tammar rim is worth the performance gains.

Our CEP also integrates low energy consumption curing which is dramatically more efficient than standard Autoclaves, industrial ovens and heat press systems.