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Two years of R&D, extensively lab tested, raced and proven with some of Australia's best riders; the Australian made Tammar race rim is here. It boasts better handling, improved tyre support and grip to meet the needs of the elite gravity enduro racer to the weekend trail thrasher.

 The optimum balance of torsional stiffness and global wheel stiffness need to be met to offer the perfect performance. Our Tammar rim design profile can absorb impact energy and improve tracking and tyre traction. Better traction means faster riding.


Tried and tested in the harsh relentless Aussie conditions

White Angle Set

   The rim is a solid profile, similar to motocross rims, which, from a carbon engineering perspective, means the fibres are supported correctly through an optimised laminate. This gives the rim it's superior toughness out on the trails. This leaves the current traditional MTB rim design, which is a carry over from aluminium rims and manufacturing processes adapted from carbon road rims.


Race tuned carbon lay-up for improved tracking and traction

White Side set

To optimise the perfect rim we reviewed four key design elements (Learn more) and what BC developed was the first wide platform solid profile carbon rim in a hookless bead format for 27.5"/650b.


Wider platform rim to correctly support tyre sidewall for performance

Close up White3


 Tammar wheels on the trails

  • Solid profile rim for increased impact and spoke hole strength
  • Front and rear specific carbon layup
  • Shallow rim and race tuned carbon lay-up for improved tracking and traction
  • Asymetric rim for improved even spoke tension
  • Wider platform rim to correctly support tyre sidewall for performance
  • Superior cornering grip and improved rolling resistance
  • Hookless bead increasing inner rim width and tyre wall support


Front Rim - Tammar v4.8F, 480g
Rear Rim - Tammar v4.8R, 490g
Width - Outer 38mm, Inner 31.5mm
Hole Count - 32h
Carbon - Optimised Modulas TorayCA
Spokes - DT Swiss Competition
Front Hub - DT Swiss 240 (15x100, 20x110, 15x110 Boost).  Chris King - optional
Rear Hub - DT Swiss 240 (12x142, 12x148 Boost).  Chris King - optional 
Weight - 1,780g
Price - $3,499- Aud.

 We are that confident in our rims against impact damage we offer a 1 year replacement policy against impact damage as well as our 3 year warranty.

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