Our hookless bead rims use the tight tolerance of the tyre bead and the inner rim interface to seal during inflation and operation. For this reason it is important to understand correct installation and usage. Using our sealant tape and a tubeless ready or UST tyre, the tyre should bead up or ‘pop’ onto the bead platform between 33-37psi.

Our BC rims have a deep channel making it easy to remove tyre without tyre levers.

Please note: It is recommended a small amount of soapy water is used to make both surfaces slippery to aid seating.

If the tyre doesn’t initially start inflating (air leaks), or beads up under the recommended psi, eg. 25psi, it would mean the bead circumference on the tyre is slightly oversize or stretched. This is not a big issue, you can apply an additional application of our sealant tape, which is 0.1mm thick, then re-install the tyre. It is important the inflation range for beading is 33-37psi - if the tyre bead is loose it will not seat evenly and could leak air, or roll off the rim.

For sealant we recommend only use Stans sealant, it is environmentally friendly and low in ammonia. This is better for your tyre and carbon rim.

Old, worn, damaged or deteriorating tyres are not recommended for use on hookless bead rims, as the bead circumference is stretched outside operating tolerance and will not be tight on the rim.

If you have any questions please contact us.