R&D; Commitment to Excellence

Research and development underpins all our technology and product evolution. The search for the ultimate layup, the best materials, refined handling characteristics, improved durability….. all start with an idea. This idea however needs to be thoroughly tested to validate it. This is where sound R&D comes to the front with lab testing, analysis, field testing [...]


Question the Norm

Our design team always asks the question ‘why?’ This is a very important moment of curiosity. As once you question the norm you can start to break free and push the design boundaries. This is our approach to product design and the evolution of a product. Our rims are unique in the market and offer [...]


Lessons Learnt; Rider Feedback & Product Evolution

From the dusty hot blown trails of Chile, to the loaming forests of Derby Tasmania, our riders have been there. Lessons learned with testing are often some of the most valuable. You can test, analyze, engineer and design in the lab till the sun sets and stars come out; but time on dirt is often [...]


Form Follows Performance

5 heads are better than 1. We design what we want to ride, and our designs follow the form of performance. Designers are dreamers, engineers are data driven, riders offer unique insight and feedback, mechanics are practical and customers are the true test. This is the perfect crossover of skills and insight that make up [...]


Not is all Equal; Material Science & QC

Just like baking a cake, composites can have vastly different results just by changing the recipe or ingredients. Our strict process control, molding technology and material science all play a huge part in ensuring high compaction, low void, uniform fiber orientation and part consistency. Bouwmeester rims use a complex laminate using optimized modulas fibers and [...]


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