Features & Function; The Unspoken Details

Good design and innovation are often the things you don’t notice, because it works. Tubeless tyres that inflate easily, rims that take abuse for seasons on end, wheels that stay true and without nipple failures, these are just a few. These are invisible details in design, technology, manufacturing processes and material science that are incorporated [...]


The Ride

Nimble, smooth and precise.  Wheels have the ability to change your whole experience on the bike; performance, comfort and ability. Bouwmeester carbon wheels have this like no other wheel, our race wheels make every day riding better. Smooth - Tuned dampening through a refined carbon layup to offer radial compliance and wheel tracking through the [...]


The Wheel; Hidden Potential

There is hidden potential in all things, but we search for the potential in wheels to offer you the rider a better cycling experience. Bouwmeester believes durability offers the rider freedom, performance offers boundless opportunities and premium gives you security and quality assurance. To reach this potential we believe in innovative design, sound engineering, new [...]


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